Frequently Asked Questions (continued)

10. What information must I have to participate in the sibling registry?
In order to participate in the Sibling Registry, clients and adult children must provide the following information:

  1. Donor number
  2. Parent Name / Account Number
  3. Child's birth date

Please contact CCB staff with any questions.

11. Am I obligated to meet with or contact potential siblings?
Participants in the CCB Sibling Registry are not obligated to meet with or contact potential siblings. Any contact and the type of contact is decided upon by the Sibling Registry participants. After their initial e-mail notification from CCB, clients may choose to communicate via e-mail with the potential match. After that, if both parties agree, additional information can be exchanged. CCB strongly recommends that this information be exchanged outside of the registry. Clients may choose to communicate via e-mail, Telephone, phone, fax or meet in person.

12. What precautions can I take to protect my identity when using the Sibling Registry?
There are a number of precautions clients may take to protect their identity. To maintain privacy, California Cryobank strongly recommends that registry participants use a free anonymous e-mail box for their participation in the Sibling Registry. These can be obtained in numerous places such as the search engines Hotmail, Yahoo and Lycos. Clients also determine if, how much and what type of information is exchanged, as well as whether they want to post an email address.

13. How do you verify the identity of Sibling Registry participants?
California Cryobank (CCB) takes a number of steps to verify the identity of Sibling Registry participants. CCB verifies client status prior to acceptance in the Sibling Registry Program. This research can take time, especially with older records, but we see it as an important step in the process. Please be aware that CCB screens clients to the best of our ability based on our records. Clients are responsible for taking additional steps to verify sibling status once the initial potential match has been made.


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