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Dear CCB Families,

We have recently received multiple reports of donors attempting to contact families directly. In at least one instance, an individual has contacted two families who used different donors claiming to be both donors. We also have a report of an individual claiming he had spoken to CCB employees and been given the go ahead to contact the family directly.

PLEASE NOTE: No threats or anything bad has come of these contacts. Some may be legitimate or simply stupid pranks. We are investigating all reports we have received.

CCB will NEVER give out information about a recipient family to a donor. CCB will NEVER contact a family on behalf of a donor. Your privacy and safety are our #1 priority.

As always, once a child reaches 18, we will attempt to facilitate contact with a donor at the child's request. This is the only circumstance where contact will occur via CCB.

I know it is tempting to respond to these attempted donor contacts, but it is potentially dangerous to your family if not handled properly.

If you are contacted by someone claiming to be your donor:

  • DO NOT reply or share any personal information on you or your child.
  • Please contact to report the contact. CCB will investigate and let you know the outcome.
  • Do not post your primary or work email on public sites where you discuss your family or donor number.
  • Please make sure your privacy filters are set on Facebook and any other social networking site so that you are not accessible to strangers.
  • Carefully check any friend requests you receive if the person is not familiar to you.
  • Please forward this information to your private groups and contacts as well.

Again, there is no need for alarm. We simply want to make sure all donor contact is handled properly and that all parties' privacy and safety is properly maintained.

Thank you,
Scott Brown

Please Note:
California Cryobank acquired USC/PTI (Procreative Technologies) in 1997. While we did not continue to sell their donors, we did retain some patient and donor files. If you have any questions about the USC/PTI donors, please contact Melonee Evans at 866-927-9622 ext. 1240.

Sibling Registry Participants:
Are you interested in speaking with the media about your search for siblings?
If so, please contact Marlo at 800-977-3761 x1121 or

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